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Readifying AustLii

14 February 2015

I love AustLii. Everyone I know that works in a law library loves AustLii (well, if not the actual site itself, then at least the idea of it). For some time now though, I've found myself increasingly frustrated with it. Specifially, since I've actually had to start reading court decisions in some detail using it, I've concluded that AustLii's current format does not provide for enjoyable, or efficient reading. In short, it sucks for reading!

So, what to do? I mean, if a site's primary funciton is to provide an interface for reading text documents (I'd argue that is AustLii's primary function), then it should at the very least not make that task so tough going for users. But, better than that, I think it should be optimised for that function as much as possible.

So, that was the task I set myself. Optimise AustLii for reading court decisions. I figured it wouldn't be that hard to make it more readable, and therefore usable, with a some pretty basic css changes. Turns out it wasn't.


Programming for Everybody (Python) notes

14 January 2015

I recently did most of Dr Chuck's Python course on Coursera, and documented most what I'd learnt. Here are my notes, and few comments on the experience.

I'd recommend it for an introduction. It's focused on text processing, but includes all the conceptual elements I expected. Coupled with Swaroop's course: A bite of Python and Learn Python the Hard Way, it represents pretty much the entirity of my Python courses to date.